Monday, August 17, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

"Two missionaries on a conquest adventure sans outerspace, real-time vagabonds and heart munchers aka suburban vampires at heart, open sewage system water wars and high heeled market shares. Count Dracula. Abe Lincoln. Giraffes and dinosaurs of low morale. These physiological demons in the closet, the synaptic happenstance of caloric reduction (like white snow during the summer holidays, that white wash soot of radio debris) bring us and our heroes to present time into a time-machine of known priorities as problematic peripheries perpetuate pornographic pumice pummeling pedestrian pacemaker pathways while preset Pacific Islanders pacify pack animals packaging padded cells with paddle fishes, paddy fields, paddy melons, paddy wagons, Paddington Bear, and Paganini for the dutiful means and privileged epoch of pagan cultural producers reducible by context, concept, and Cone Head into a simple practice of constant commemorative crisis. No wonder monkey-geeks freak-speak in the leaked ever-creeking/squeaking newspeak while sneaking a peek at distinctively formal/lofty peaks of assumption (those veritable Funyuns). The tendency and effect of content analysis in modern empirical social character implies no great movement of unbridled magical innovation, inspiration, realization, or optimization, nor the participation on a nation planet of gratuitous, histrionic imagination (unicorn-laden seminally developing psycho patients in extension inform produced alternative corporation stations...i.e. congratulations). From the standpoint of some distant alien organized proportion control of societal knowledge, there can be no autonomous human paradoxical proverbs without your contingent vicissitudinous bourgeois entrapments and narcissism. No worries...these recordings serve to exorcise a few legions of demons from well-meaning liegmans (i.e. Puttin' On The Ritz)."

-- Kevin "le" Shea

Gigantic recorded by Keith Parker at The Gallery Studio 4/26
BJ Rubin - vocals
Kevin Shea - drums
Moppa Elliott - upright bass
Peter Evans - trumpet
Jon Irabagon - saxophone
Weasel Walter - keyboard

4'33" recorded by Josh Bonati at Monster Island 8/16
BJ Rubin - vocals
Kevin Shea - vocals

Brooklyn, NY 2009

Artwork by Travis Millard

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Puttin' on the Ritz.

Gigantic b/w 4'33" (Pukekos)

1. Gigantic
2. 4'33"
3. Gigantic (kazaamBLAM MEGA BLAST RAVE MIX)


Unknown said...

Heading onto a plane now. Can't wait to have this as the soundtrack. . .

Josh Bonati said...

Kevin Shea is the Kool Keith of free jazz drumming.