Monday, August 10, 2009

Robedoor + Pocahaunted

I am interested in auteurs, and I am interested in collaborators. I first saw Britt and Amanda play at Cakeshop last year, who run the excellent Not Not Fun label and appear to be both. Britt had this to say about his work:

"I was trying to think of what you (or anyone) might want to hear about in response to the prompt 'tell me more about what you do,' and since I don’t really think there’s a right/wrong answer to something like that (though maybe there is?) I guess what came to mind as a sort of archetypal/peak moment in NNF’s minor history was me & Amanda’s wedding. It was April 8th, 2006. We had been dating for like 3 years, and running the label for 2, when the decision was semi-mutually made: 'fuck it, let’s get married.' Up till that point I don’t think either of us realized quite how deeply the label had saturated into the fabric of our lives, because almost immediately both of us were like 'and let’s have bands play! And invite everyone! And give away tapes! And do a wedding compilation!' etc. We didn’t really care what color dress the bridesmaids should wear or how many vegan cakes to get, we just wanted it to be a loud, crazy, colorful, joyous celebration, and for us that means music and all of our extended NNF friends & family.

I didn’t think of it as being odd at the time, it felt like the most natural thing in the world, like it was exactly how such an important day/night should be treated. So we had it at this art gallery and Mika Miko and Abe Vigoda played, and our friends Rainbow Blanket ripped this insanely unhinged 2 minute thrash-noise set, and Dean from No Age deejayed Toto and Black Flag, and Alex from Robedoor catered all this vegan food, and Bobb Bruno brought his 8-track and recorded all the sets (we ended up burning CDRs of it and even gave it an NNF catalog number!! Haha..), and a girl puked on the wall, and Zooey Deschanel wandered in off the street for no reason at like one in the morning, and all our friends were there: Bethany (who later started Pocahaunted w/Amanda), Luis Naranjo, Jim from The Smell, Brian from Deathbomb Arc, Roy/Changeling, Grace from Foot Village, random kids who we only knew from shows, friends of friends, total strangers. It was a mess. It was beautiful.

Days later me and Amanda were still in the afterglow and we were in awe of how real and meaningful our journey with the label had grown. A project can start off as a whimsical art hobby and slowly metamorphosize into something that penetrates down to the core of yr life. It’s kind of amazing."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Robedoor + Pocahaunted.

Mouth of Prayer (Blackest Rainbow)
1. Mouth Of Prayer
2. Bright Sea Of Singing Bowls

Hunted Gathering (Digitalis)
1. Hunted Gathering

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Thanks so much for this - Hunted Gathering is magic!