Monday, May 11, 2009

Husker Du

This was the first Husker Du song I ever heard. I used to watch 120 Minutes every weekend (as a teenager it was one of the only ways I knew to find out about new music, the early 90s really were a different era), but as my mother wouldn't let me stay up until midnight I would tape it and then wake up super early (around 5am usually) on Monday morning to watch it. One night they showed the video for "Makes No Sense At All" and I went out and purchased Flip Your Wig (from the Record Outlet in Thousand Oaks, CA where I grew up) that week.

All it took was one catchy song to make their entire catalog more accessible. How good is Husker Du?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Husker Du.

Makes No Sense At All b/w Love Is All Around (SST)
1. Makes No Sense At All
2. Love Is All Around

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exilestreet said...

Truly were one of the greatest bands and one that I wished that I had seen live. Until I discovered an unmarked tape that I had recorded of them playing live @ The Paradiso in Amsterdam (and then it all came flooding back!!!) Partake - why don't mind if I do thanx (ahem!)