Friday, May 8, 2009

Brilliant Colors

These records are fantastic.

Yes, that is a cat hair on the scan of the cover of Highly Evolved b/w Take So Little. I have a cat (Smokestack Lightning), and she is insane. She loves rubbing up against the turntable when I am listening to records, and she especially loves walking on my scanner when it is in use. Everything in my apartment has cat hair on it, records being no exception.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Brilliant Colors.

Brilliant Colors EP (Make A Mess)
1. Should I Tell You
2. I'm Sixteen
3. Not This One
4. Over There

Highly Evolved b/w Takes So Little (Captured Tracks)
1. Highly Evolved
2. Takes So Little


Benjamin Parrish said...

thanks for posting these! i have the captured tracks one and am waiting for the second one to show up in the mail, but it will be nice to listen to these on the mp3 player, you know? also i was surprised that no other blogs had this on the internet.
signed, another friend of john chavez.

junior said...

thanks for these. do you by any chance have that broken strings release that came out on true panther sounds?

exilestreet said...

Tell me about cat hair (esp with my long haired white one, Jade!) I am turning into a half cat but added warmth now that Winter is settling in down here!

Jillian J said...

We love Brilliant colors over here in riverside.


talia rose said...

LOVE brilliant colors!
i don't love the layer of cat hair that descends upon our flat daily...

KleeGirl said...

Yes, Brilliant Colors are indeed, dare-I-say-it, brilliant! I learned about them from Katy of the Vivian Girls.
My husband and I co-habitate with 3 cats in a very tiny house and we have a fondness for the colour black. You can gather that we reap what we sow...