Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Frankie Cosmos

Pure Suburb is my latest weirdly sad album. I didn't realize until putting it out, but everyone has been saying to me "this is sooooo sad," so I guess it's a particularly sad one. I promise I'm not actually that sad. Just deep inside. But life is actually fine. This album was sort of my way of taking bad things that have happened that seem to constantly resurface in my consciousness, and turn them into nice songs. There are also a few songs on the album about watching my friends make really great art and feeling really down on my choice (if it is a choice) to be a musician, like how it's really hard to make it as an artist. But overall I think the release of this album is a positive thing-- to take all those bad thoughts and be like "well, I'm gonna keep making this music anyway," and I'm happy with it. :)

-- Frankie Cosmos

pure suburb (Pukekos)
1. ballad of freedom
2. bottom lip
3. the puzzle
4. pure suburb
5. frist year
6. older tu
7. tripped up
8. heroes
9. am i trying im not trying
10. your name

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