Monday, April 29, 2013

Frankie Cosmos & The Emptiness

Love Rind by Frankie Cosmos and the Emptiness

When the fruit is all gone, we eat the love rind. The love rind is when you hate being in love but you are. It's not necessarily a bad thing. Love Rind is the latest album by Frankie Cosmos. It also features Ronnie Mystery (of The Emptiness).

Love Rind (Pukekos)
1. im crying
2. everything with you (blues)
3. set your parents house on fire
4. mr. monkey's hypnosis hour
5. love rind
6. gross one
7. birthday song
8. dont feel bad 2
9. shut up....seeds
10. little blusing girl 2009 in 2013
11. firestation/pastfuture
12. planet earf (demo)
13. youwait

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