Thursday, January 21, 2010


This appears to be a South Korean bootleg of a pretty amazing private press record from the 70s. From the liner notes:

"This album is dedicated to those who came before... and those who come after. To my parents (Mom and Dad) ...and to my children (Aaron and Janelle).

'Everyman had the chance to have a dream but few men's dreams are ever seen.'
--Everyman, 1968

These words come from the first song I ever wrote. One of the dreams I have carried with me was to cut an album someday... just to say that I had done it. Now it is done. But it would not be really finished until I had thanked those who helped me make this dream come true. I am indebted to these friends who volunteered their time, energy, talent, and patience.

Drnwyn is:
David W. Hoag; acoustic guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, vocals
John Volio; acoustic vocals

Helping us were:
Randy Pregibon; lead guitar
Kevin McIlvainde; bass guitar
Larry Davis; drums
Greg Smith; keyboards
Nancy Fannin; vocals
Cheryl McIlvaine; vocals

Special Thanks to my wife Muriel who continues to play angel to my madness.

And finally, to Bob Dylan for his unintentional encouragement in the March, 1978 Playboy interview:

'You can be a priest and be in Rock 'n' Roll.'

Thanks Bob!

Love and Peace,
The Rev. David W. Hoag"


Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Drnwyn.

Gypsies In The Mist (Wohn)

1. Empty Bars
2. Summer Sun
3. Secrets Of The Past
4. Brothers
5. Move A Mountain
6. Gypsies In The Mist
7. Places, Faces, Pages
8. The Madmen And The Angel
9. Something To Hang On To


Matthias LING said...

very good blog!

Thanks for your kindness!

Bryant said...

Is this the David Hoag that attended Davidson with me?
Bryant Hinnant