Friday, October 16, 2009

College Music Journal

Through a strange turn of events I have found myself producing an official CMJ party this year (on October 20th of all nights, at Cakeshop of all places), with the kind help of some friends at Subbacultcha! and Viva Radio. I can hardly believe it myself, it will be a real New Amsterdam meets Olde Amsterdam sort of time.

I thought long and hard (truly) about who I might like to invite to play this, my first corporate event. It occurred to me that (ostensibly) people read the magazine (if people still read magazines) in order to find out about new music. It only made sense that I would ask three bands who not only didn't have albums out, but hadn't played New York City before. Thus I found myself asking Best Coast, Surf City, and Male Bonding to perform, and surprisingly they all said yes.

Subbacultcha! probably had an easier time deciding on their acts, as they are bringing The Moi Non Plus, zZz, and Hospital Bombers over from The Netherlands.

If I were the sort of comedian who told jokes I would say that I will be telling jokes on Tuesday evening; but since I'm not, I won't. My olde friend Dan Selzer will be manning the wheels of steel (whatever that means) in between bands, and then again until the break of dawn, etc.

Yow, yow.

07.30 - 08.05 Blondes (USA)
08.25 - 09.00 Hospital Bombers (NL)
09.20 - 09.55 Best Coast (USA)
10.15 - 10.50 The Moi Non Plus (NL)
11.10 - 11.45 Surf City (NZ)
12.05 - 12.40 zZz (NL)
01.00 - 01.35 Male Bonding (UK)
01.35 - 03.00 DJ Dan Selzer

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