Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The BJ Rubin Show

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #403
"Back In Black, Part 3"
Original Airdate - 10/27/20 on MNNHD in Manhattan

Featuring Castle Pasture, Billy G Robinson, Seedy Films, Tana Quartet, Tandem Jump, Mona Heftre, Ye Young Lee, These Are Powers, Mark Robinson & U.S. Girls

Animations by Lauren Martin, Laura Heidotten, Alice Cohen & Sasha Safir-Temple

©2020 Pukekos Productions

Soundtrack album available from Dick Move Records

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The BJ Rubin Show

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #402
"Back In Black, Part 2"
Original Airdate - 10/20/20 on MNNHD in Manhattan

Featuring Billy N' Dave, Forma, This Is Not This Heat, Seedy Films, Castle Pasture, Mark Robinson, The Rapture, U.S. Girls, Ye Young Lee & Tandem Jump

Animations by Lauren Martin, Laura Heidotten, Alice Cohen & Sasha Safir-Temple

©2020 Pukekos Productions

Soundtrack album available from Dick Move Records

Friday, October 16, 2020

The BJ Rubin Show: Back In Black

Compiling the soundtrack album for my show is one of the highlights of producing it. I love commissioning work from a wide variety of artists and seeing what they come up with. For the most part this music was meant to be heard in the background, but now you can listen to it front and center.

When BJ asked me to do a cover of "Back in Black" featuring Billy G Robinson for his show, I said " … huh … ok … if you say so...???". Billy and I had recently finished a record together called "Share My Chaise" under the name Billy N' Dave, so we were excited about the idea of getting into a new single. We wanted to infuse the track with our dollar-store-brand-slippery-sleaze-funk; something you can hum while strolling around Brooklyn in shades and a three piece suit on a beautiful day. Stay smooth, NYC.

The BJ Rubin Show is a television program that focuses on live musical performance. A cavalcade of stars, palpable excitement, and visually a cinematic tour de force. The show is hosted, coincidentally, by an outspoken gentleman known as BJ Rubin (no relation).

What happens in between all of those incredible one-of-a-kind performances? God only knows. What is it like to be the music director for all those little breaks in between? That sounds like a job where you can just bring a book and read because there is nothing to do. Yet, Mr. Rubin has filled all of these in-between seconds with spectacular eye-catching content, and those seconds add up to minutes. And those seconds and minutes of sparkling color and movement beg for audio accompaniment — at least that’s what BJ tells me.

That’s where I come in. I get to see all these lovely bits before anyone else, get inspired, then twiddle a few knobs, and voila! All of a sudden you realize that you have over 50 songs of original material written exclusively for the new season of The BJ Rubin Show!

We met BJ when we were touring in the US with Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble. He invited us to play in his funny show, and we stayed in Brooklyn at his place for a few days. He told us that he would love to come visit, so we invited him for a few days the next summer in the South of France, where we live. It was a very hot august, and the house was full of family. BJ filmed lots of strange things for his show, and we laughed a lot, he also played in a video clip we were shooting, staying stoically with a costume and bass in the hot sun for a whole afternoon despite jet lag, on the day of his arrival… Before going, he asked us to record a song to illustrate the images that he had filmed, and we decided to make an improvisation, with very long loops. Emma installed the instruments and he and Vincent started playing, while we girls stayed outside on the terrace, listening to what they were doing. At some point, Emma gave me a mic to enter the game. It was a very beautiful night and BJ was very excited.

Billy N' Dave is David Lackner & Billy G Robinson

Featuring Fielded

"Back In Black" recorded in Brooklyn, NY 2019

Mark Robinson is Mark Robinson

Tracks recorded in Cambridge, MA 2019-20

Vivre! is Emma Mario, Vincent Guyot & Nina Savary

"Bergerie" recorded in Caves, FR 2019

Album artwork by Lauren Martin

Album mastering by Kris Lapke



The BJ Rubin Show: Back In Black (Dick Move)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The BJ Rubin Show

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #401
"Back In Black, Part 1"
Original Airdate - 10/13/20 on MNNHD in Manhattan

Featuring Tandem Jump, Ye Young Lee, CHAI, Mark Robinson, Seedy Films, Tana Quartet, Badge Époque Ensemble & Billy G Robinson

Animations by Ben Miller, Lauren Martin, Laura Heidotten, Alice Cohen & Sasha Safir-Temple

©2020 Pukekos Productions

Soundtrack album available from Dick Move Records

Friday, January 18, 2019

Music from The BJ Rubin Show Season 3

You are listening to the soundtrack album for Season 3 of The BJ Rubin Show. There are 4 sections, each produced by a different artist. Library music, they call it. I would like to thank all involved for their contributions. Here is a link to watch:


Album Mastering by the mighty Josh Bonati

Liner notes from each of the individual artists as well as credits below:

BJ Rubin is a master of the television medium. Sometimes he lets me write music to become the backdrop to his genius. I am honored to be a part of it. I jump when he calls and then I wait by the phone hoping that the next time is just around the corner. While my sounds only occasionally match the genius of BJ’s sights, I nevertheless always enthusiastically attempt to climb this mountain of challenge. Featured on this wide-ranging album of soundtrack are 15 of my pieces. I will usually watch the video that BJ has sent me a few times and then I get out my keyboard and see what happens. Most everything is an improvised first take. I build on that and then see what happens.

Mark Robinson
6 November 2018
Cambridge, MA

Produced by Mark Robinson
Artwork by BJ Rubin & Mark Robinson

The Channel 14 Weather Team is the moniker given to Adrian Knight and David Lackner when playing with Alice Cohen. The three musicians play together in each other’s projects: Alice has sung on Adrian’s records and in Blue Jazz TV. Adrian and David play in multiple bands together — including Purelle, Synthetic Love Dream, Blue Jazz TV, as well as composing and producing a myriad of projects.

For this recording, the three were asked to create background music for The BJ Rubin Show — a show that all of them have appeared on in various configurations. One afternoon in the autumn of 2017, they set up in the living room of David’s Greenpoint apartment and improvised for several hours — making off the cuff jams on the Fender Rhodes, Yamaha and Casio keyboards as sax, flute and guitar wove a psychedelic spell throughout. The results were as unpredictable as the weather — some whacked out shenanigans to chill and zone out to.

Alice Cohen
5 November 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Produced by The Channel 14 Weather Team
Artwork by Alice Cohen
Photo by Gabrielle Muller

I have become very interested in electronic music, and this is an exploration of that. I recorded it at home one evening in 2018, using my Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer.

BJ Rubin
4 November 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Produced by BJ Rubin
Artwork by Lauren Martin

Canticles for Electronic Music is generated from a six-note ordered set and its canonical transformations. The values of the intervals of this set determine everything from the note-to-note writing of individual lines to the large-scale formal divisions of the six sections, as well as the durations of the sections themselves.

David Earl Buddin
23 January 2012
Brooklyn, NY

Originally released on ugEXPLODE Records as ug54 in 2012

Produced by BJ Rubin
Mixed by Jason LaFarge
Mastered by Weasel Walter
Design by Simon Slater
Photography by Rimma Kalyakina & Dominika Michalowska


Music from The BJ Rubin Show Season 3 (Dick Move)

Monday, August 13, 2018

BJ Rubin

There is a fine line between euphony and abrasion, one person's noise is another's symphony. To each their own!

Headphones are recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Recorded at 195 Spencer St. 2A
24 February 2018

Mastered by Josh Bonati
Artwork by Lauren Martin

Thanks to Tony Conrad

Brooklyn, NY 2018

A Close Shave (Dick Move)
1. A Close Shave

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The BJ Rubin Show

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #308
"It's Not For Me To Judge"
Original Airdate - 7/17/18 on MNNHD in Manhattan

Featuring X_X, Eva van Manen, an episode of E. Coli High, Blue Jazz TV, Annie Hartkemeyer, Sexy Thoughts, No Monster Club, Celebration, Arlene Deradoorian, Kate NV, Lætitia Sadier, American Liberty League, Lexie, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, U.S. Girls, Molly Soda, Joan Of Arc, Zazie Nam June Lampert, Arrington de Dionyso with Gao Jiafeng & Kevin Shea, Mary Lattimore, Diceboi Berra & Odysseus

©2018 Dick Move Productions

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The BJ Rubin Show

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #307
"I Would Prefer Not To"
Original Airdate - 7/10/18 on MNNHD in Manhattan

Featuring Blue Jazz TV, Lexie, No Monster Club, Celebration, X_X, Selector Dub Narcotic, Mary Lattimore, Ponyboy & The Horsegirls, Joan Of Arc, Astrobal, Matthew James-Wilson, Reg Bloor, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Emel Mathlouthi, Eva van Manen, Zeke Aszman, Molly Soda, BJ Rubin, Rhys Chatham, Arlene Deradoorian, Puttin' on the Ritz, Lætitia Sadier, U.S. Girls & Annie Hartkemeyer

©2018 Dick Move Productions