Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tracy + The Plastics

TRACY + THE PLASTICS shake to the lo-fi beats of a really cold basement + they move to the anti-fi "I want a gold tooth" of VHS. And you want to be wearing a half-shirt that meets the skin in technicolor. And you know what they say is true: They became a band when they saw your ghost + they pawned it for a keyboard. This is an experiment in how to kill the living dead + then how to turn them on. The keyboard as Gravitron draws the shape of the arcade girl + the kick of the drums fills her w/ gutsy VHS. Tracy takes the stage as The Real Muscler - the one you take hom to mother. She wants the arcade girl so much she'll turn video so she know how to go. As for the Plastics: No one wears it as well as Nikki + Cola. They're saving up for suits (psst - made out gold + striped for the living). The perfect dilemma: Twins or girlfriends? They say it's time for the art community to get rolled under the bed of the QUEERION. It sucks to be dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Tracy + The Plastics.

Muscler's Guide to Videonics (Chainsaw)
1. City
2. Ooo!
3. Arcade Suicide
4. Bury The Hair
5. At The Gold + Diamond Center
6. (we met the) Queerion
7. Dio
8. Ain't Never Gonna Die
9. Film
10. Bear (attacking)
11. The Myth of the Front

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