Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern Man Manual

"The word 'beauty' is as easy to use as the word 'degenerate.' Both come in handy when one does or does not agree with you."

--Charles Ives 

Ladies and gentlemen, for your reading pleasure, Modern Man Manual II.

Modern Man Manual 2 (Megaton Media)
1. Portrait of BJ Rubin (Simon Slater)
2. Letter from the Editor (BJ Rubin)
3. Statue of Liberty (Guy de Burgh)
4. Portrait of BJ Rubin (Lauren Martin)
5. Our Friend Simon (David Buddin)
6. A Super Bowl Remembrance (BJ Rubin)
7. Linda (T.S. Dahl)
8. Baked Alaska (Simon Slater)
9. Malediction for Rosie O'Donnell (David Buddin)
10. Three Studies (Weasel Walter)
11. Form Plan for Piano Sonata VI (David Buddin)
12. Portraits (BJ Rubin)

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