Friday, November 19, 2010

Nondor Nevai

"This cassette is an unauthorized document of one of the most unsung figures in contemporary art. Nondor Nevai has created a legacy of incredible depth and depravity over close to two decades of professional activity. Nevai has manipulated the very fabric of reality to create his work and as a result, documentation has been scarce. Much of his legend exists thus far in the domain of oral history and rumors. Equal Parts G.G. Allin, Otto Muehl, Andy Kaufman, Kim Fowley, Ted Kaczynski, Charles Ives, Gurdjieff and Dennis Hopper, Nevai has fucked with death and survived so many times we must regard him as superhuman. What you will hear on this release are the ravings of a madman, drunken with lucidity. You will hear the subconscious ripping through song and lyric with unprecedented fury. Assembled from various sources created between 1993 and 2005, The Best of Nondor Nevai allows us to assess but a small portion of the work of this master."

--Weasel Walter

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Nondor Nevai.

The Best of Nondor Nevai (Pukekos)
1. Big Black Boners from Bethlehem
2. Stumble
3. Stab You In Your Sleep
4. The Flying Luttenbachers 2 (excerpt)
5. Fire Fight (Edit)
6. some guitar playing
7. Insect Woman
8. Terry Bozzio Introduction
9. Maggot (Part 1)
10. The Young Girls
11. Speedometer (Part 1)
12. From The Deep Ness
13. I Mine The Ore
14. Lesbian Poetry (Stalemate)
15. some guitar playing
16. Speedometer (Part 2)
17. Gang Rape
18. Maggot (Part 2)
19. Speedometer (Part 3)
20. Hate Your Guts
22. Untitled

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